Sunday, October 30, 2011

There's a first time for everything...

This past Saturday, Thea invited us to a rodeo sponsored by the Botars of the American Royal.  It was Sophia and Joseph's first rodeo...and mine too!  What a fun experience for all of us!!! Thank you, Thea, for the special Saturday treat.

Before the rodeo began... we were treated to a real cowboy lunch with hamburgers and hot dogs, and we even got to see a balloon man make custom-designed balloons for us!!  Sophia chose a giraffe and a heart!

J chose a fish...perfect for his attire that day.  We could not find our old cowboy hats before leaving J insisted on wearing another of his favorite hats...not quite a rodeo hat...but he looks cute in it nonetheless!

The kids also got to lasso a "pretend" horse with the help of a "real" cowboy, and they got to practice milking a pretend cow.

Oh and yes... I tried to tell S that she looked a bit like Steve Erkel in these pictures...she kept complaining about her new jeans, so she pulled them up to the sky and tucked her shirt in...too funny!!!  Boden to the rescue today....we found some more comfy ones that won't look so "unstylish!" HA!

Because we attended the matinee, it wasn't too crowded in the we got pretty good seats!  J of course loved this John Deere tractor, and wow...even a truck on the dirt:)

Here's the gang before the show!

Yee-Haw...oh my goodness.... I don't know how these cowboys don't break their backs....the way those horses move.... and throw them around....Glad it is not me up there!

It was pretty hard to get pictures as the animals were sooo fast!  S and J loved to watch, and S especially had a ball dancing to the music.  The half-time motorcycle entertainment from the rodeo clown was pretty exciting too!

J was pretty tired...but he didn't really lose interest...especially when he got to get some popcorn!

And since we were downtown....we stopped by Pappou's office (yep...he was working LATE on a Saturday....he needs to take about 3 months off after this trial!!!!!)  We rarely get to see Pappou at work, so what a treat for S and J...and to ride the elevator up to the 18th floor.....can't get better than that.... unless you get to get a snack from the break room:)

Sophia also finished her soccer season with a bang this weekend!  We are incredibly proud of her!!!  A busy and FAST weekend....and tomorrow we will get to Trick-or Treat!  Sophia has the day off I'm trying to come up with some fun Halloween games to pass the time before the big night of fun!!!