Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat

It's taken me a day to catch my breath from all the Halloween excitement!  Sophia had a long weekend last weekend...and even had Halloween off from school.  Normally...she has the day after (All Saint's Day) off as well...too bad we weren't so lucky this year!  It was hard getting back into the groove today!

I tried to make some home-made games for our day of Halloween fun....The kids loved playing "Don't eat Pete (the pumpkin)" with popcorn...but the witches stew game...where you had to suck up little circles with a straw and place them in a cauldron faster than your opponent didn't go over too well.... Sophia had a hard time sucking the pieces...she kept blowing instead!  J and I had fun competing against each other though:)

We also carved the last of the pumpkins.  To say that Sam was stingy with his smiles on Halloween was an understatement.  OH my....I am hoping his crankiness has been from teething and not a sign of another ear infection to come.  Fingers crossed.

Here are a few pictures from our morning...

Our final masterpieces....
Lil' S.... J, and Big S.

The pumpkins look just like their owners, huh?  J's pumpkin was a bit soft and after being touched a little too roughly...sorta caved in the face.  Sophia and I secretly joked that the pumpkin was a little "rotten" just like it's owner...HA!!!

Trying to get a picture of my three....OH how I struggle with this....trying to get all smiles and all eyes on me...and a picture that looks exposed....uggghhh....Dear photography friends...please help me!!!

Sam thought the leaves were for eating...

Hmmmm.... I think that pumpkin's binky looks mighty nice...he's thinking...

The silly faces I got from this little guy on his first Halloween....

After the games were finished .... it was finally costume time.  Sophia decided to wear her Statue of Liberty costume (she had been Mary had a Little Lamb at trunk or treat to match Little Lamb Sam), but she decided to save this costume for the BIG night:)  And can you see Willie not wanting to miss out on the action?  We were thrilled to get the report from the doctor on Monday..... the biopsy showed a benign type of mass.  It was a type of cancer, but BENIGN!  So thankful... so we will just continue to keep a close eye on it.  Thanks for the prayers.

Yes....all three were certainly troopers....for cooperating while I tried numerous times to get a good picture.

Of course... our traditional Halloween cupcakes can't be forgotten... I make them every year for my little Sophia who doesn't like candy....

And the costume of the year goes to these two....
Wilma and Fred!  Yiayia and Pappou surprised us when they came in these costumes.   SOOOOO Funny!  Sophia and Joseph LOVED it.... especially since they have just started watching the Flintstones recently.  And oddly enough...just the other day... Sophia was telling Yiayia that Pappou should call her and say "WIIIILLLLMA!"  (And this was without knowing about their costumes!!)  Too funny!  Darn... I didn't get Fred's feet in the picture...they were sooo funny...and finally Yiayia got the red hair she's always dreamed of.

And to get in the spirit... I threw on my crayon costume at the last minute... I think my mother made this for my sister when she was in 6th grade....that's how old it is!! J asked if I would draw on him!!! Too funny!!!

We tried to get one with all of us...but the kids were sooo finished with pics and I didn't want to make them wait for trick-or-treating any longer!

Hippie Thea came with us....remember that wig from last year?

And I'm not too fond of this costume on the right... but that plant... was, I think, my most favorite costume of the night!  How creative and easy....but poor little guy had to be exhausted... it was pretty effortful to walk.

Sam was amazing for his first trick-or-treat... after kind of a rough day!  He enjoyed the ride!

I think my kids are already planning their costumes for next year!  Oh my!  

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koki said...

Hooray for a fun Halloween night with Wilma, Fred, Statute of Liberty, RaceCar Driver, Baby Lamb, the always fashionable Red Crayon and last but not least the hippie chick! :) xoxoxo