Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We couldn't have asked for better weather this Thanksgiving!  It was a beautiful day!  Here are the kids before we headed off to Yiayia's!

We had a fun day with lots of WONDERFUL food...yum yum to Chef Yiayia! Oh my...trying to get a picture of everyone looking one direction and not closing their eyes (J!!!!) was pretty difficult.  I'm hoping I got a few that were Christmas card worthy:)

 I wish I would have taken a picture of her table...beautiful as always!  Here are the collection of Thanksgiving cookies I brought.

Yiayia had some fun crafts for the kids (and Brett) and S and J did their annual Christmas Chain making.

Sammy had fun pushing chairs and crawling under tables... Poor guy still has a nasty cold, but was all smiles in these pics:)

This under the table thing is pretty fun!

And J made his own fun doing some swiffer cleaning for Yiayia...wish he would do that at my house!

S played a little dress up and had fun making some home-made ornaments.

Then we headed down to the Plaza (and Nouna's house) for the Plaza Lighting!  We made it just in time!  Here is Sophia giving Sammy some love... while we were waiting.

But she quickly turned grumpy just in time for the family pic....poor girl...she was still on meds for strep and I think the meds made her feel crummy the entire time!

Sammy watching the lights and the fireworks...

Joseph had the best seat in the house!

Uh-oh...Ms. Grumpy wouldn't even pose for her traditional "Thea and Me" pic at the Plaza Lights.  Just keeping it real....it's not always roses over here:)

Yiayia and Thea and J!

Yiayia, Thea, and Anna and J after the lights turned on.

Such a perfect night!  Our little family minus Ms. Grump :(

We definitely have a LOT to be thankful for this year!  I couldn't ask for much more than the gifts I have right here.

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