Monday, November 21, 2011

Making the most of it...and Gratitude Rolls

Well... Miss Sophia's new meds have kicked in and she is feeling better...but my boys still have those yuckies.  J kept asking me all day..." Do you feel sorry for me Mommee??"  And yes, yes I do....hate it when the little ones don't feel good...and just look so miserable.  We tried to make the most of this cold and gray day while we sipped Gatorade and kept kleenex nearby:)

J and I played a turkey game that I found here while Sammy napped. 

The object was to see who could finish their turkey would acquire pieces by rolling a pair of dice.  J sorted all of the m and m's (eating just a few, of course) and we used thin mint GS cookies for the bodies, royal icing eyes, and Twizzlers from our Halloween stash for the feet.

I love how my J has such a bright smile.. even when he doesn't feel good!

Next on the agenda...Gratitude Rolls.  I used to be really good about making home-made rolls...we would eat them for dinner almost every night.  My mother has a fabulous recipe that she gave me....I have tried desperately to make them as well as she does....but some things are just better when your mother makes them:)

Anyway... I saw this idea for Gratitude Rolls here.  The recipe looked similar to my mother's...but had a neat twist...

The idea was to sneak in a little surprise in each crescent....and how fun to sneak in a little "I am thankful..." note in each roll the week of Thanksgiving.  Just like a little fortune cookie...but in a buttery crescent roll.

I followed the recipe to a T...but had some trouble determining the bake time (as these rolls grew much larger than the ones I usually make).  It was hard to determine when to take the rolls out without over or undertaking them.

The best part was watching the kids open their rolls for dinner!!

And here is a peek at what I found inside of mine....(excuse the EXTREMELY dry hands are constantly covered in royal icing or being washed under the sink!!)

The verdict...the rolls were a hit with the kids, but Brett and I  did not think the taste was nearly as good as my mother's.. Next time I will make her recipe, but put the little surprise inside like I did for these..

And as for Mr. Sammy...well... he missed out on the rolls... poor little guy took quite the cat nap mid way through dinner!!

My oven is calling....night night...

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