Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nine month numbers....

It just doesn't get any slower... these babes just keep growing and time slips away a little faster every day.  Sam is NINE months already....seems so fast...but yet I can't even remember what life was like without him!!!

He received a clean bill of health today at his well check.  Here are his latest numbers:

Height:  31 1/4 inches... (greater than 95%) (At 6 months I think he was about 29 inches)
Weight:  24 pounds even (92%) (At 6 months he was 22.2 pounds...and actually just a few weeks ago Children's Mercy weighed him at 24.8....I think he has lost a bit since being on meds for that nasty ear infection)
Head Circumference:  19 1/8 (greater than 95%)

He got a few shots and his first flu shot and had some blood work completed. AND boy did he CRY.  This BIG guy... sure is a CRIER!!! Even the docs and nurses couldn't believe it.  Big Brother Joe also got his flu shot.  We were hoping for the mist...but with his asthma history... we decided the injection would be the smarter choice.  J is always such a trooper.... NO TEARS at all.. and he even watches the needle as it goes in.  He has always been my brave one when it comes to shots.  But when we came home he kept telling me he didn't like flu shots, and he felt like he was going to cry now.  He's such a character!

So at nine months...Mr. Sammy is crawling like a crazy man....pulling up to standing position and starting to stand on his own for very brief seconds.  Brett told me weeks ago that I should just put him on a leash...and now I am seriously considering it.  Baby proof we come.  He loves to go for the cabinet under the kitchen sink and of course the one cabinet that houses my pretty cookie platters.... (note to self:  in next house....make a HIGH cabinet for ALL pretties!!!)

And of course he is into all of J's cars, especially the little ones.

He is not into eating table food yet other than some very ripe pears and some cookies and crackers...but I am starting to notice he doesn't gag quite as much when I try thicker textures of baby foods.  He is pretty much hungry all of the time....and once he is in the high chair he will cry until the spoon hits his tongue or the bottle hits his mouth.... I have to be quick!!!

Sammy still loves to be held and to get lots of hugs and kisses.  He is a squirmer, though, and at 24 pounds... it makes it hard to hold him.  Dressing him is like exercise for me... he.does.not.sit.still.   He loves when Daddy tickles his side and back... loves to hear "Old McDonald," "London Bridges" and "The Wheels on the Bus."  He is still not really into books (though I try) except to eat them.  He adores his big brother and big sister.

He has started to play a new game with us lately too... It's called...let's see how many times a night I can cry.... So B and I take turns going up to his room to pat him.... The second we stop patting... the screaming begins again...He's a smart cookie... he knows what he is doing and he has us wrapped.... Oh my...this might be a hard habit to break...but boy oh boy... what I would give to have a night of uninterrupted sleep.  It sure has been a long time:)

Even so... who can resist the way he reaches up for you or that sweet little drooly smile?  I just want to squeeze him all the time... and those baby curls that are coming on his head.....adorable!


mom2four said...

Adorable! He's sooo cute! I love the one of him peeking outside!!!

koki said...

What a little stinker lll S is! Looks kike J got a haircut to go along with his flu shot ;) xxooo Thea

yiayia said...

He IS adorable!!!!! I love that plaid shirt!!!! What can we say about Joseph---but he melts your heart! <3