Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sick Days

It's so nice when I look over to see S and J doing this....

Sitting so nicely and coloring together...I had to take a picture while I could...because trust me...though J adores his sister....cooperation and moments getting along are sometimes hard to come by.

I love being able to stay at home with my children... it's what I always wanted to do....but let's face it...some days when Brett walks out that door to go to work in the morning... I want to go with him....and this week was one of those weeks...

Poor Miss S woke up Wednesday morning feeling miserable... I always know she must feel really bad when she doesn't even want to get out of bed, because normally she doesn't even want to tell us when she is sick, in fear that she will miss out on something.  I worried that she might have strep when she had a fever and a bad headache.... She doesn't like to admit she has sore throats because she hates throat cultures.... I don't blame her.   So when she told me she "might" have a sore throat... after I asked her a number of times...I figured it was time for a trip to the doctor.  Thankfully Brett was able to take her for a quick culture...poor girl felt soooo miserable.... and sure enough she had strep.

This girl is not always an easy patient....I guess she takes after her mama.... she HATES taking medicine and will not even attempt to get fluids in her.  But... we got the medicine started and she quickly bounced back.  She's not I'm thinking she might miss a third day from school.... ( I hate to send her if she is not feeling her best), so I guess that means more homework catch-up.  We spent over two hours tonight  ( she asked me to pick up her homework from school...she hates to get behind...imagine that), so I'm guessing we'll have even more tomorrow.... Wow....and it's just 2nd grade!!

I am trying desperately to keep the boys from getting sick...but trying to disinfect, change sheets and clean is near impossible with Mr. Sammy around.  OH my....he is too quick and into everything.  I am just chasing him all day.....You'd think he would be exhausted at night...but he still cries quite often throughout the night.  Ok Mr Sammy....Mommy and Daddy need some uninterrupted sleep after 9 months of this....pretty pleeeeaaassssee!

Since Sophia was starting to feel better today... we had to do some crafting of course.

We made fall trees on "real artist canvases"  (sale at Michael's this week!) using Q-tips and paint....simple but fun!

She's so cute even when she doesn't feel good!

And J...was taking a break from building roads this you can see by his hat...

Here is Sophia's final masterpiece.....she was pretty proud...

And J wouldn't pose with his tree, but here he is showing off another project he and I did earlier in the week.  They are learning about squares in preschool this we decorated our turkey with squares of tissue paper.

And can't leave out Mr. Sammy.... His new love.....fruit flavored cheerios!  I am so excited that one of my children finally loves these.  S and J never liked any flavor of cheerios....but Sammy just goes to town with these....and watching those fingers pick each one up.... oh how I love it!!

Ok... the washer and dryer is still calling my name...back to work!

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yiayia said...

Sweet Sophia--that 'hard hat' boy Joseph---and Mr. 'cherrio' Sammy----quite a darling bunch. So happy, Big S is on the mend--bless her heart. <3