Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby don't you cry...we're gonna make a pie...

It was pie day at our house yesterday after we brought home a 5 lb bag of apples from Louisburg over the weekend! Sophia loves to bake just like her mama! So during Joseph's nap, she was eager to put on TWO aprons at once and get out her pink rolling pin. She skillfully rolled out cookies out of the left over pie crust dough! Though her cookies were pretty much flour PACKED....they did actually turn out and she was sooo proud of them. I was thrilled that I actually got her to taste at least ONE bite of the finished pie. She does not typically like pie....especially if it has fruit in it, but she wanted me to make a pie because her class is going to make an apple pie this week (they are studying the letter A). She determined that she'd better try mine before she tried apple pie at school. Needless to say.....the ice cream was her favorite part! If I knew how to post the song from one of my favorite movies "The Waitress" I would... b/c it was what I sang to her while we baked..."Baby don't you cry, were gonna make a pie....gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle!"

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