Friday, September 26, 2008


For the last few months, all we have heard about from Sophia is how she really needs a new bike helmet and a TWO wheel bike. She is a pretty devoted "Franklin" fan and loves to remind me how Franklin and all of his friends already have two wheel bikes. And even though they don't have PINK training wheels, Sophia wants to be just like them.
One of our older neighbors recently told Sophia that she had an old "two wheel." Sophia jumped at the opportunity to practice riding it. Needless to say, the bike was without training wheels, a bit wobbly, and a tad bit too big. But Sophia thought everything about it was the greatest. When our neighbor offered to give it to her, she had it in our garage in a matter of minutes. Brett and I really wanted a two wheel to be a gift from Santa this year, but being that she won't be able to ride much in December weather, we agreed now might be a good time to have a "practice" bike. Brett quickly put together training wheels (though unfortunately we could not find pink) and adjusted the seat, and Sophia was off and running. She is still learning how to "brake," without using the porch steps to stop her, but all in all, she is really becoming a pro at her "two wheel," as she calls it! Thankfully we have had beautiful summer like weather this week, because she rides it with every chance she gets!

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