Monday, September 29, 2008

Cider Mill

We have tried to make the Louisburg Cider Fest a tradition in our house when Fall arrives. Typically that involves driving to Louisburg....picking out a bag of apples for pie making and then eating lots of the yummy cider donuts. This year, however, Miss Sophia was much more interested in doing the bounce house and the inflatable obstacle course. Brett and I were shocked! Last year she would not have gone near either of these....she was too nervous to be around that many other children in such close quarters. So of course when she asked us to do these this year...she didn't even have to beg. She didn't want to ride the ponies like last year...because this year she "is 4"! "I am brave!" were here words. I think it has something to do with being in the Brave Bears room in preschool. Anyhow...she did make it up the steep obstacle course and all the way down ( I had to go with her the first time....too bad we don't have pictures of that... I am afraid of heights!)

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Eryn said...

haha how much fun was that!?! Before you know it she will be jumping out of planes (wink wink)!