Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Bravest Bear!

It's back to school already! I can't believe how the summer FLEW by! Today was Sophia's first day in her 4 year old preschool class. She was sooo excited to go. I was thrilled that she wasn't scared! She really thinks she is a big girl....and is finally happy about this. For so long...she kept telling us she wanted to be a baby! In the last few weeks she has insisted on waking up on her own and getting herself dressed. It's a riot. A few nights ago after I fed Joseph, I checked on her when she was sleeping and noticed that she had neatly arranged the clothes we had chosen for the next day, and had selected appropriate jewelry to match right down to the best fitting princess rubber band for her hair. It was all spread neatly on her bathroom floor (where she gets dressed) so she would be ready to get dressed on her own. The only problem was....she would often wake up pretty early and think it was time to get ready. I would hear the little pitter patter of her feet moving around upstairs. She is now anxiously awaiting the alarm clock (that blows kisses) that her Yiayia has ordered for her so she knows exactly when it is time to get up.

This morning, I was sure she would be dressed and ready when I went to get her....but she was still asleep. I was a little worried that she did not feel well or had not slept well overnight because she was nervous for her big day today. But apparently she wasn't too nervous, maybe just tired from all of our outside play and picnics over the weekend. There were no tears as I walked her to her classroom, and when I picked her up (after an EXTRA long day ...9:00-1:30, she even got to bring her own lunchbox) she proudly told me "I didn't miss you at all, mommy!" Of course my heart was a little sad that she didn't miss me, but I was overjoyed that she had such a good day at school. I remember not liking school and missing my mother terribly when I was in kindergarten. It was a horrible feeling.. and I am so glad Sophia has not experienced that. She is so much more brave than I ever was!!! I am thrilled that her school makes her feel so at ease and comfortable! She immediately came home and wanted to draw a picture for her teachers. A good sign! Let's hope the rest of the school year fares this well!


Eryn said...

Oh to get sooo excited for school. Maybe Sophia can inspire me! Haha! I missed you all this weekend at the lake...I hope you enjoyed the awesome weather (now that it is gettin cold and rainy...boo)!!!!

Stacey Kannenberg said...

Happy Back-to-School!! Great photo's -- cute!

Smiles - Stacey