Friday, September 26, 2008

A Different Breed

Joseph had his appointment at Children's Mercy this week to evaluate his reflux. The doctor was the same one we had seen for Sophia last year. We began talking about the differences between them and between boys and girls in general. We joked about how Sophia was very content to sit and read books. Joseph, however, finds toddling and crawling around his favorite past time . The doctor laughed and said, yes, "Boys are a different breed." I couldn't have said it better myself.
Our little guy is quite the squirmer. Even in our arms, he likes to move constantly. He always wants to see what is going on, and doesn't want to miss a bit. I love to watch him crawl with his right leg kicking out behind him as he goes. And I am always amazed at how fast he can get from where I set him down to somewhere across the room. This week he has discovered Willie's kennel, and loves to peek his head in and open and close the door. He also loves to crawl behind the green chair in our hearth room and open and close the shutter on the window (btw, Brett, don't you need to fix that???????). And his most favorite thing of all is to find a chair or a step stool and push it back and forth across the wood or tile floor and hear the sound it makes. He is content doing that for 15 minutes straight or until big sister gets upset that he is touching her chair. He loves to stand up against chairs and ottomans and "hammer" them with his cute little hands. I love to watch him play with his tractor, the red wagon, and the little people bus. He takes all of the toy people out and turns each upside down just to be able to see the wheels move...every time! He is a mover, he loves to make noise, he is a squirmer...he is a boy through and through and I love him more every day!

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Anna said...

Hi Amalia,
Joseph is such a cute little boy. I can't believe that he is crawling! You describe him to be so curious about the world: hammering, playing with his tractor and wagon... Perhaps a future builder/contruction worker on our hands?
Love you, Anna