Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

It feels more like spring here than the beginning of Fall. We have had a few rainy days lately. Sophia saw her first rainbow...well actually...she couldn't see it in the sky, but was able to see it in the picture I took. We've been hanging out inside a lot lately! Only one week of school and Sophia already caught her first cold. Poor thing! Then, of course, she shared it with Joseph. Poor little guy....when he gets a cold...he gets it!!! But we still get those same Joseph smiles out of him, as long as we aren't trying to get the yuckies out of his nose. Joseph turned 8 months this week...and is he ever on the go! He is beginning to crawl and LOVES to pull himself into standing position while holding on to things. He exhausts me! And thanks to Sophia, we got plenty of updated pictures last weekend while playing inside on one of those rainy days. She really should consider photography for a profession!!!
PS....A special prayer today for all those who suffered seven years ago today.

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