Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A New Favorite

So... this is what Mr. J has been up to this past week.  During a trip to Borders to buy Sophia a birthday gift for one of her friends.... we came across a Cars BARGAIN book.  But even better than the cost...was what came inside... a large map of the town in the Cars movie with all of the Cars characters in mini form.  These cars are tiny and plastic and don't even have moveable wheels...but Joe can't keep his hands off of them!!!  They have taken up permanent residence on my coffee table I think, and I'm not sure if there is any going back.

It is quite a sight to watch him manipulate these tiny cars and a bit scary to see how neatly he meticulously lines up the cars in perfect form.  The concentration on his face is truly remarkable.

I have other pictures to post tonight but frankly.... I am pretty frustrated with my blog.  I am trying desperately to "better" my blog so the pictures are bigger....but I am NO computer smartie....and having to change "outer" "main" and "sidebar" html codes is pretty much beyond my realm of capabilities.  I have had to change my template...which I'm not sure I can ever do again right now because my layout (page elements) page is NOT a pretty sight.  A HUGE thank you to Nance for walking me through the improvements I have made.  She has answered all of my "begging for help" emails and taken the time to figure out nit-picky numbers.  THANK YOU THANK YOU NANCE!!!!!   I hope we can schedule a "date" with ourselves and my computer to clear up my page elements page.  Maybe we should invite our expertise photographer as well....I'll bake some yummies for us...any requests???

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mom2four said...

You did it! It looks great!!! I'm sure anything you'd bake would be wonderful! :)