Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow...

Being cooped up all week has forced us to get pretty creative with our games. Memory and Candyland just don't seem to be cutting it anymore. So, we bought some conversation hearts and created matching BINGO cards (even laminated them with Brett's new Christmas gift to me). Pretty fun....and a great way to practice reading the messages on the hearts. Sophia also learned how to play war (the card game) with me today....she thought this was pretty fun!

After 5 days of staying home... I had to give in and let Sophia play on my computer for a while today....educational stuff of course! I think she was growing a little weary of my picture taking....but I couldn't resist capturing those baby blues. Her eyes look so blue to me when she wears green! And I love watching her little hands that already know how to manipulate every button on my computer!

J normally likes to watch out his windows for cars and buses. But today... he was entertained for quite some time by the snow falling from the trees. He even put his bunny to the window to show his bunny how pretty the snow was. By the way... I do attempt to put socks on this little guy....but they don't last more than a few minutes. Fine by me... I guess...because I love to see his cute little toes curled long as they don't get too chilly!

Last on our agenda today, our beaded heart turned out so cute... we decided to frame it!


mom2four said...

FUN! The beaded heart is adorable! How did you make that?

Polly said...

Even when your house is down b/c no one feels good you are STILL creative! Are you REALLY my daughter! How in the world did I produce you? :-) My Sophia looks like one of my sisters!!!!! You know who Amalia---it's uncanny! These two sweethearts need to get better. <3 Yiayia