Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Snippets

First things first....Happy March!  I am praying it comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lamb! 

I just got home from a book club meeting...and my to do list is just growing....but I wanted to post at least some pictures from some of what we have been doing this past week.

I'm pretty excited to start some Easter baking and crafts around I thought I'd better get a head start on St. Patty's Day!

Last Wednesday afternoon... this is what I caught Joseph doing... at the dining room table, nonetheless....

Yep, he is practicing what he had learned in music class that morning with his sticks.  It was pretty cute the way he was so intent on getting the ends of those sticks to tap tap tap together....just like Miss Trilla.

But then when he started singing to the beat too....well.... that was darn cute!!!

Then the creative juices just started to pour.....he started building towers too...and boy was he

PROUD.... Forget that they fell on the dining room table a few I guess the itsy little scratch will always remind me of how much fun he had playing musician and builder!

Friday, I got to be the Mystery Reader in Sophia's class.  I chose to bring one of Sophia's favorite books at Yiayia's house.  The book is about a dinosaur named Edwina and a little boy, Reginald Von Hoobie ( I think is his name) who tries desperately to get his classmates to see that dinosaurs are extinct.  The class does not believe it because they love their friend Edwina the dinosaur.  Another selfish reason I chose this book.....Edwina also loves to bake chocolate chip guess what I brought along with the story????

Yep.....   I always love a reason to make a fresh batch of warm chocolate chippers!!!  Sophia was surprised to see me (thank goodness...daddy didn't spoil the surprise.....he almost let it slip out at breakfast!!!)

With the weather being so cold for so long... I decided that it was time to do some outside activity ...inside!  We needed some good exercise, so I pulled out the hula hoops late Friday afternoon.  I can hardly do it, but Miss Sophia is the queen!  My stomach still hurts tonight!!! Guess I need to dig out my old abs of steel video!

And last but not least....the outdoor ice skating rink closes for the season at the end of February.  We had been promising Sophia all we finally made it there on Saturday.  With my bad knee and Joseph still a wee bit small....Daddy got to be her lucky escort on the ice.  Sophia had a GREAT time...and did pretty remarkably for her first time ever on ice skates.  She was thrilled that they gave her a RED pair!!!  

So....she started out with a few falls....but still smiling!

Then she got a little brave...and ventured out on her own...

But it was sure nice to have daddy to fall back on when times got tough.... she is doing some Olympic moves...

Whoops.... guess she couldn't quite execute triple axle... 

Here is the spectator....not very happy...can you tell?  All I heard all morning.... "I ice skate too!!!!!!!" (I'm so embarrassed to post a pic with so much glare.....oops.... I need some photography help from my experts.....guess I wasn't supposed to forget that my flash was on.... it was already bright and sunny!!!!)

Here is the happy camper after her first ice skating adventure!  Too bad I didn't get a picture of her grumpy face when she found out we weren't going out for lunch!  

The rest of the weekend was spent learning all about lactose free diets.  Mr. J's trip to the allergy doctor revealed that he may have either
1.  horrible seasonal allergies
2.  enlarged adenoids
3.  lactose allergies

I cringed when the doctor told me to try taking away milk, cheese, CHOCOLATE, etc.  WHAT??????  not to mention BUTTER????? This has been very difficult for me.... J has been a trooper... he is drinking his lactaid milk well....but I haven't quite yet had the heart to deny him his chocolate chip cookies that he loves.  We will see how this works and if I notice any difference in his tummy troubles and allergies.  I now have a new appreciation for all those mothers who have children with gluten and dairy allergies.

And last but not least....the little guy continues to melt my heart with his new words and phrases....
For some reason he has decided to make a switch from calling me "mama" to "mommeeeee."  It's pretty cute.  He's still pretty into telling us that he "ate things all gone," and he loves to say  "heard that??? mommeee??? when he hears something and wants to know if I heard it too.

I smile just thinking about him!


Jenn said...

1. the cookies rock as usual

2. Ms. Trilla would be SO proud :)

3. the ice skater had to be the cutest one on the ice that day!

4. dairy free diets stink...but I might have some ideas for you if you give me a call!


Polly said...

I am sooooooooooo proud of our future Olympic star. She's been talking about this all Winter!!!! My heart just melts when I see those blue eyes---and that little J is adorable. He probably would have surprised everyone on the ice!!!! But I'm pretty sure Mommeeee made a wise decision. <3 Yiayia

Eryn said...

I love the matching North Face fleeces! Too cute! I can't believe it is already almost Easter! Time is flying by and Sophia and Joe are growing WAAAAAAAY to fast!

koki said...

I wish I could have gone ice skating!!! Poor little J . . . maybe next year??