Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little steps

So.... in an attempt to somewhat try this dairy free diet for Joseph.... I frantically searched for some dairy-free and kid friendly recipes.  Coming from a girl who LOVES butter....this was not an easy task.  But I did find some that looked semi-appetizing.  I started with some good ole banana muffins....and I cringe when I admit I used vegetable oil instead of my beloved butter.  At least they look yummy enough to eat!
Cooking without butter....so hard...but I'm taking little steps!

And thanks to some wonderful advice from another mommy....I received a recipe for some pretty close to "dairy-free" cookies.  Again... I am barely able to type that I used all CRISCO in place of my beloved you know what.  No... these cookies aren't pretty....they are flat with no bakery style bumps....but guess what???  Both S and J loved them!!!!  (I think I accidentally deleted the picture of these that I had withOUT the glare...oops.... it was kinda tricky to take them on wax paper!!)

Here is little J once again showing us that he "ate his cookie all gone!!"

S was pretty happy about her cookie too.  It's a huge milestone when I can get HER to try something new!!

Here is how I found my little guy this morning as I was putting away some laundry. 

Now these are some mighty big shoes for a tiny little guy.

But before we know it... he might just grow right into them. I hope it takes a VERY LONG WHILE.  Little steps....


koki said...

Looks like some v happy children! Brett must be thrilled that you are buying less butter!!! love little J in the B's shoes! xoxo

koki said...

and how cute are J's window pane cords?????

Kelsey Bakalar said...

His pants are darling! How did his poor little bod respond to the dairy-free food??