Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Fresh Start

Round one of the kitchen remodel is complete.  The cabinet faces and the new island have been installed....each with fresh coats of paint.  And we finally chose a wall color.... all that indecisiveness....and our choice....a very simple ivory tusk.  It is very plain, very clean, and very simple....  Simplicity is what I am striving for... and in more ways than one.  Some may find it boring....but the true "color" of the kitchen will come from the people who frequent it...and the memories we will make there (none of which is boring to me!)

Of course it is a work in progress.  The island color is not exactly as I had envisioned....but a little glazing and distressing will make it a little more cozy and a little more me, I think.  A different countertop for the island may also be in the cards.  I'm excited to add a few little pops of color with some meaningful knick knacks and even more excited to have my "not so favorite" sofa moved out for good.  Of course...the new sofa search is still on...  The tv was successfully moved out of the kitchen hearth and into the new "family room."  This will be a good move for us I think.  Before the switch, occasionally the tv would remain on during dinner... and too frequently I would catch wandering eyes staring at Wheel of Fortune rather than participating in our family discussions:)  As I said before...I'm striving for simplicity.

I only took a few pictures because the kitchen only looked this clean for a short while today. Kitchen Aid is happy to be back in its home.  Do you think it has already been used today?

And last but not little buddy Willie has been forced into finding a new resting spot  (gone are the days of allowing him on our sofa....sorry little buddy...but you look pretty comfy in this chair!)


Kelsey Bakalar said...

Kitchen looks amazing, Amalia! How fun to get to cook and bake in a new room!

yiayia said...

I'm glad you decided on the all white! The pix look fresh and clean. <3

mom2four said...

Beautiful!! Can't wait to see it!