Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new season

Spring is FINALLY here... and so is spring soccer!  Sophia was sooo excited for practice Monday night.  Our neighbors gave her one of their old soccer goals on Sunday, and she practiced, practiced, and practiced.  She was a muddy mess when she came in!  Shoulda taken some pictures of that!

Here she is at her very first practice this fall.  Has she changed any?

Over the weekend, we finally made it to the Fairy Tale exhibit at crown center.  Sophia enjoyed seeing all of the different fairy tale exhibits....  It was pretty much a free for all....with lots of kids headed in every direction...so I had my eyes and hands on Mr. Joe most of the time....All he wanted to do was run run run and of course touch the red button on each exhibit that played the audio sound clip from the fairy tale.  In the picture below Sophia is sitting on the bed from the fairy tale Princess and the Pea, one of our favs.

This is probably the only picture I got of J sitting still.  The two of them were in Cinderella's Magic Pumpkin.

I was book club hostess on Sunday night...of course I had millions of sugar cookies and lemon bars...but these little guys were a new one for me.  Chocolate raspberry truffles.  Pure chocolate decadence.  Only true chocoholics like me can appreciate these...

I've been noticing lately that Mr. J and Mr. B not only look alike but share quite a bit in common.  Brett knows that for years I have jumped on his back for being indecisive (funny b/c I am one of the most indecisive people you will meet).  And I admit... I often give Brett a hard time for ALWAYS answering questions with "I don't know."  Well, lately I have been noticing that same response pattern from little J.  For instance, I will be reading a story and I'll ask him, "what color is the car" and he will respond with something like " I don't know....green, " or "I don't know...blue."  Too funny!

With the nice weather this week...we've spent some time outside.  Joseph can't get enough of course.  Trying to get him to come in is quite the task.  Well, trying to get him to do anything these days can be quite the task....a little bit of the terrible two's I suppose??  He can be so difficult at times....but still the majority of the time he is running up to our legs and saying " I love you too, " for no reason at all.  What could be sweeter?  I love how he hugs Sophia good-bye in the morning and says " I love you too Doo-da (his version of Sophia :)) 

I tried to do some editing with these pictures to block out the car in the garage...but couldn't figure out how to get my edited photoshop version back to my blog....My blogging friends......I think I am in desperate need of some help, here.  I want so badly to be able to edit in photoshop rather than the basic i photo....but I just can't figure it out.  Guess I need some more practice... but the little guy still looks pretty darn cute, I must say.

He was so disappointed that he couldn't go in Daddy's truck to take Sophia to soccer practice....so I was completely surprised that he was still smiling as he was waving good-bye.

Of course a few minutes after she left....he was not too happy.  But nothing a little lolli couldn't fix!

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Jenn said...

That pic of Sophia is so cute! I definitely think she looks older...slimmer in the face and way smarter now that she is a seasoned kindergartner ;)

We seriously need to get together to talk ET. After Easter???