Friday, March 19, 2010


We've been looking at paint colors all week in our house.  We've been smelling paint all week.  We've been reminding little fingers to stay out of paint....and reminding those same hands to stay away from the wet walls.  So finally today.... I was OUR turn to play in the paint.  We headed to Paint Glaze and Fire for the Paint Me a Story Hour.  What a fun idea....the kids got to listen to a story and then paint a ceramic.  Today's story was "A Giraffe and a Half." Cute, cute story....but a little teeny bit long for my little guy.  I did get one picture of him sitting during the story...but after that....he was on the move.  We had to paint our little giraffes fairly quickly as my curious little guy was wanting to touch all of the pretty pottery that was drying.  Oooohhhh and when he saw a freshly painted Lightning McQueen he could hardly contain himself.  Miss Sophia, of course, did a fabulous job on her giraffe despite her rushed efforts.

As for the painting in our house....the majority is complete.  Whew!  What a week.  I am not good at handling messes such as I am glad the big part is over!  I have vacuumed out cabinets numerous times, wiped down sanding dust, and cleaned the floors today more than I can count!   Of course there will be touch ups and reorganizing and shelving still left to step at a time.  Updated kitchen pictures to come....
Happy Friday....Happy Spring Tomorrow ( Despite the 4-12 inches of snow they are predicting)!  Isn't March supposed to come IN like a lion and go out like a lamb??

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