Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday when Sophia was at Daisies....Mr. J and I headed out to enjoy a bit of the sunshine.  While on our walk...we ran into some neighbors and Joseph immediately began "talking" with the 2 little girls who were playing with their daddy.  Joseph is quite the little social butterfly....while he was chatting away, the girls' daddy and I were commenting on how agile Joseph was.  Literally... 2 seconds later...Mr. Joe decided to take off running down their lawn....but apparently  he was not used to the slope of their yard....he took a hard tumble, and landed flat on his forehead on the sidewalk below.  I was mortified that my sweet neighbor had to carry J's lawnmower and our mail home for me so I could tend to him.  He was fully recovered by the time we reached our garage and ready to rock and roll again before I could even stop shaking....but man did he get a beating!!!!

Here he is....looking like a tough cookie!

No boo-boo's today...thankfully!  Just some sillies.  Sophia and I crafted some animals out of plastic eggs... Too much fun!!!

We headed outside again later (of course... this time I pretty much had my hand glued to Joe's back so as to prevent any injuries).  I was hoping for some warm sunshine...but it was a bit chilly and windy.  The kids of course never seem bothered by the cold...and Miss Sophia (especially) does everything she can to get out of wearing her coat!!! new kitchen is officially broken in.  Lots of baking has gone on inside these walls this week.  Here's my latest...

And I am still obsessed with these cute pails... I was going to give some pails away with  goodies packed inside....but the animal print one was too perfect for J's trucks... so I guess it is a keeper!

Happy Weekend!


yiayia said...

Poor poor little guy. But it isn't as bad as I thought. He is STILL adorable even with his boo-boo. Sophia is growing up waaaaaaaaaaaaay to fast. She's our beauty. <3

Jenn said...

What is with these little men? They are so tough...too bad their mommies aren't :) When Sam hit his head I worried about him all day (and then took pictures of course!)

Yummy treats!!!


Valen said...

Ouch! What a tough little guy! Are those lemon bars? They look delicious!