Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Even when all of the cabinets are emptied and the house is in utter disarray....we still found some time to be a bit crafty this morning!  I helped the kids make some shamrock headbands before the painters arrived for Day 2 of our kitchen redo.  Sophia (always full of grand ideas) began feverishly constructing a hat for the painter while I finished the headbands.  She wasn't shy at all about giving Mr. Bo his new hat and asking him to take a picture with her!  I had to snap it quickly so as not to interrupt their work....so that is my excuse for the blur. :)

The cabinets are coming along....I am growing weary of having to look underneath my dining room table for a ziplock bag and remembering where I placed the kitchen scissors....I am getting a little nervous about how the dust has spread already throughout the house.... I am missing my kitchen aid TREMENDOUSLY!   (At least the hubby taped up some plastic tonight to block the kitchen off from the rest of the house hoping to minimize further dust!!!!)

As for the paint color on the walls....still undecided....  We are both HORRIBLE about making decisions.  We have painted numerous samples on one section of the kitchen wall and still can't make up our mind.  Pretty soon...the kids will probably start wanting to paint the walls too!  We'd love advice from anyone who would like to pay a visit!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of how it is looking as of now....(I'm not even going to clear the piles of laundry off of the counter...b/c hey....it's pretty darn messy in here anyway!)

Okay...Nance....this one is for you.....here's the kitchen table in the spot we talked about.....what do you think??

PS... Thank you Yiayia and Pappou....for putting up with our "circus" and having us for dinner!!!  I'm sure J is truly sorry about emptying the box of cream of wheat in your pantry and breaking your glass coaster....:)  Gotta have some excitement, right???

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mom2four said...

I love the table there! I think it makes for the cutest eating area...and then you can feel like you are using the family/living room more. If you keep it this way, will you put shelving where the tv went? I'm sure having a builder as a husband, he has a lot of solutions. How fun!