Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines and Princesses

The last few days have been filled with Valentine's fun. On Friday, I got to attend Sophia's Valentine's Party at school,and plan the craft. I think the kids had fun making their "You're Unforgettable" Elephants. Next they played Valentine's BINGO, followed by a game where each table had a few minutes to search for as many "hidden" hearts as they could find. Sophia's table found the most!!! Wow!!! And every good party has to end with a cupcake with LOTS of sprinkles and frosting!

I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls for our Valentine's breakfast, and we decorated the table with our love bug presents and lots of hearts. Joseph was pretty thrilled about his musical valentines and Sophia seemed to enjoy her Ruby doll and Fancy Nancy book.

Sophia enjoyed her day off today (President's Day) with a few games of hide and seek and Conversation Hearts BINGO. Joseph occupied himself by sorting all of the extra hearts into their appropriate color pile ( I was pretty proud of him) while trying to sneak as many as he could into his mouth. (Of course just to lick them only....he didn't really want to eat them). Sophia spent the afternoon at a princess fashion show/ dress up party for a friend's birthday. When I picked her up... I hardly recognized her....her hair was styled and her nails were painted....oh my.....5 years old going on 25. She really did look like a princess.

Both of these babies are growing up way too fast for me. I can't even stand it...that I catch the little Missy reading Junie B books in her bed at night with her flashlight on. I can't stand that she will be a FIRST GRADER before I know it. I can't stand that Mr. J has decided to tell me he is not a baby anymore...

Just the other day when I was putting him down for his nap... I commented that he was still my baby and he said... " I not baby.... I JOE!!!!!!!" So today I asked him.... well are you still my baby sweet? He said, "no, big boy." I asked well can you be my big boy baby sweet, to which he responded.... "no...just boy!!!"

He's hilarious.... He's all about letting everyone know that he is a boy these days. Sophia's party this afternoon was at Shear Madness....and Joseph remembered that this is where he gets his hair cut. He was extremely disappointed to find out that he was not getting his haircut today. He also informed me (when I asked if I should get my hair cut) that only boys get hair cuts. HA! So funny that I can have these cute little conversations with him now!

So.... I just grouped all my pics together tonight..... I am trying using Flickr as my host to see if I see a difference in my pictures. Thanks, Nance, for the tip!














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mom2four said...

I love seeing the pictures larger! I just sent you an email about making the middle wider...let me know if you need help with that. I love the one of Joseph playing with the hearts!