Thursday, February 11, 2010

One at a time...

I was running around like my usual crazy self tonight and the hubby said....okay...from now on...only ONE new project a night. I can't understand why he thinks I can't juggle 4 or 5 at one would just be way too boring... So...okay...maybe I would be a little more calm at times and maybe I would feel a little less frazzled, and maybe I would learn to sit down while I was typing this instead of standing up,....and maybe I wouldn't overlook some of those important little details (more on that later) if I adopted his way of thinking.... but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to be "that" the "frazzled" me is probably what you will get.

Some of the little projects I've been juggling:

1. A little valentine's surprise for my own little love bugs....

Since it's just Valentine's day... I didn't go crazy with gifts....just a few little "Max and Ruby" dolls, a book ( of course...always something educational) and. without a doubt, a box of chocolates... all wrapped up in a cute "love bug" themed box. The only problem... I made them both the same and before I attached the initials... I realized I didn't remember which box contained Max and which contained of those times where I overlooked the important details... (Note to self: NEED TO SLOW DOWN!) So I guess we will see if I got the initials on the correct box when the kids open them on Sunday.

2. COOKIES... OF Course...

Couldn't decide between x's and o's or letters to spell LOVE. I chose the latter....and tried to make them look a bit like scrabble squares.

3. I found this darling idea at even found some wonderful wax lined cookie bags online for a pretty good deal. Was so excited to download this valentine template for the label on the bags to house my LOVE cookies. As I was printing... I realized the label was for home-made chocolate brownies...oops....another example of me missing the minor details. Oh well... the label is too cute to pass up....and the bags will definitely keep my cookies fresh!!

4. The valentines we sent to our family members...

I was a little disappointed with my pictures of the kids.....that's why I just stick with the best photographer!

5. I signed up to head up the valentine's craft for Sophia's school Valentine's Day party. This is the craft I chose to make with the kids....we'll see how it goes tomorrow... (the boys are making blue elephants and the girls?....PINK, of course!

6. These are for an idea I have for my next project....hmmmm....wonder what it will be??

And because I have written all of this without mentioning the real LOVES of my life...I have to post a picture!! I guess I didn't get too many of Sophia this week because she is back in school. But this little guy will surely put a smile on your face. He is getting so big.....and oh my is he exhausting! He's decided to play during naptimes and bedtimes this week (or maybe it is his antibiotic behind all of this). While I really enjoy the work I can get done when he actually sleeps.....I must admit.... I do enjoy listening to him sing ...." I see you... I see you....tra la la la la la" (Thanks Miss Trilla :)) on the monitor!!!


Polly said...

Waaaaaaaaaay too cute. This little guy for sure is! <3 Yiayia

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness...your baking kills me! I need baking lessons. Or I need to just start purchasing all our sweets from you :) Have you thought about opening a business? Seriously? (and thank you for the sweet plug). Maybe a fundraiser??

See you tonight!!