Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not a pretty sight

December 25, 2009.

That is it. Yes. That, I believe, is the last day that I remember everyone in our house being healthy. That's right.... it has been over a month....of sickness. And unfortunately the kids have taken the brunt of it. It is true, Mr. Germ has taken permanent residence here. I think I even dream of nasty coughs, runny noses, and ookey diapers. I have made one too many trips to the doctor, given one too many doses of motrin, and filled one too many vaporizers. Yes... I am having a pity party moment....I know things could be a lot worse...I know I shouldn't complain....but maybe just for a moment... Whew! Poor Sophia and Joseph... I hope they will be on the mend soon.

Just when I thought J was getting better....he gave us quite a scare. He woke up in the middle of the night really fighting for air....after a little bit of panicking and paranoia on my part of course, we determined it was a case of croup. I remembered one of the remedies was cold air, so we bundled him up and took him outside. He's such a trooper. He was more concerned about not being able to find the moon amidst all of the clouds in the night sky than the fact that he was struggling for every breath. Poor little boy. Thankfully, the cold air gave him some relief for the rest of the night. I already hear him moving around up there tonight.... I hope he can get some rest and that we don't have a repeat of last night.

Since Miss Sophia has been home ALL week (And missed ALL of Catholic Schools Week...I know, I know... here I go complaining again) I was positively sure that I could easily get a few snapshots of the kids for some valentines I am making. Oh my....I am having some major camera/lighting issues. I am not happy with any of the shots....not because my subjects aren't adorable....but because mommy needs much much more practice with her slr. I'll be hitting the books as soon as I find the time. Between decisions about flash or no flash, ISO's, lenses, and shutter speed...I am almost beginning to miss my old faithful digital.... Almost..... It also doesn't help that my littlest subject can't possibly sit in the same spot for more than 1/2 of a second!

Anyhow... I will keep on truckin....I will keep reading, keep practicing and probably keep trying to figure out the whole idea of layers in photoshop ( I would need an entire post on photoshop alone to discuss my frustration with this !) I will share some of the pictures that I captured when I was TRYING to get that valentine's pic!

Besides making these to house the valentines we will be receiving:

We have also been having cake walks,

making valentine's crafts,

and just being plain silly.... (can you tell how yummy that spaghetti was?)

And last but not least, I have been working hard at teaching Joseph to say " I would like...." before he requests things, because his way of requesting was.... well, let's just say... not what you would find in the etiquette books. A normal request would sound something like this "Elmo juice NOW" or "NACK!!!!" (for snack) or "DOWN Mama!" And he has made EXCELLENT progress. When I remind him... he will actually say.... " I would like milk please," or " would like nother book please!"

As for me tonight.... "I would like some REST, please!"


mom2four said...

Poor Sophia...missing all week! I hope everyone is better real soon. Those Valentine boxes are adorable!!

Polly said...

They even look cute when they are down in the dumps! Poor little things. I would have been scared to death with Joseph's scary night not able to breath. Thank goodness he has a smart mommy!!! Will this winter ever end as I watch the snow as I'm typing!!!!
<3 Yiayia

amalia said...


The valentine's boxes came as a kit at Michael's and they were on sale!!! We normally wrap a shoe box and decorate it, but I couldn't pass these guys up!