Thursday, August 26, 2010


The first day of FIRST grade has already come and gone....  Seems that everything these days happens in the blink of an eye.  All and was a good day!!! Beautiful weather....nice Mass, and one happy little first grader at the end of the day!!!

So much to many things she has said that have already made me laugh....but I am one TIRED cookie I'm just going to post the pics.  

And of course I can't leave out little J...along for the ride...who tells me " I want to go to cool," just to hear me say...oh no...what would I do without my little buddy???  He gets a kick out of it when I " boo-hoo" and tell him I would be too lonely without him!! I still get a little upset when I look at his hair...after his bad haircut experience this week!!! I asked for a teensy trim, but instead he ended up with short short short hair and NO MORE CURLS.  I am will grow, I know...and he is still a cutie pie....but the receptionist telling me how grown up he now looked as I was leaving the store was not much of a comfort!

And for grins... a pic from her first day of kindergarten!  See how she has changed??  It goes by waaaay too fast!

As for J and me... our life has changed a bit....we miss our Sophia....Jessie misses her Sophia....even Willie has seemed a bit confused.  3:30 has become our favorite part of the day.  We can't wait to see her and hear all about her day.  


mom2four said...

Congrats to a beautiful 1st grader! :)

koki said...

Yay, yay ya! - finally some 1st grade pics! I've been waiting all week! Still can't believe she's in school all day. And, my my, my - little J did lose all of his curls - but he's still the cutest little boy in town. Can't wait to hear what S says about her first few days of school. Sounds like J is missing his doodah! xoxo, thea