Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Last Hurrah!

Most of the other schools in our area have already started their school year.  We lucked out and got an extra week....but we will be getting back to the grind this week.  Oh... how I love coats, no flu season, sunshine, eating lunch outside, later bedtimes, sleeping in (a bit, at least)....but I guess it is time.  So here we go.

We had a fun last weekend of "summer."  We spent Saturday afternoon at a birthday party for a very sweet  FOUR year old.  His mother and I knew each other in elementary school....we have spent the last few months chatting over email...sharing our baking successes and failures, and filling each other in on our crazy lives!  I was soooo glad to get to see her finally face to face after all these years!!! She was a perfect hostess...and her little man turning four was cute as can be...and had a BALL at his party!  He chose a fire truck his daddy is a "real life" (as my kids put it) firefighter.  What a huge surprise that real firemen showed up at the party and dressed up in their gear and gave a fire safety demonstration... Even a visit from Fire Pup!

When we came home.... the kids took their INCREDIBLE favor bags (filled with fun goodies and personalized home-made fire themed shaped cookies) upstairs.  It was too quiet down here for some time... I worried something was wrong and went to investigate.  When I got to Sophia's room.. I found her giving her dollies and Joseph a STOP DROP and ROLL demonstration with her little fireman figure from the favor bag.  Too cute!!!!

I had tons of pictures from the party...but I'll share just a few...

Fire Pup's visit

Trevor's Daddy in his fire fighter gear...Fire fighter Rick kept reminding the kids that fire fighters are their friends...even underneath all that scary looking gear...

Just too cute for words... I love how she loves him and takes care of him!

Here's Trevor's mommy with the fire truck cake!

And here's the Birthday Boy!  Such a cutie and LOVED his cake!

The cake...up close

Yummy cupcakes!

This morning we went to the "Touch a Truck" event at the convention center sponsored by Harvesters.  Long lines and lots of excited little kiddos made for a crazy morning...but both Joseph and Sophia loved getting to go inside a fire truck, ambulance, and police command center vehicle.  Other eye catchers included a John Deere combine and a police motorcycle and a trash truck and race car.  Joseph's dream come true.  Waiting in lines, however, was something he did NOT enjoy.  He does not like to wait his turn.....oh my...we will need to work on this... Here are some pics from our morning.

J in the fire truck and loving it!
J couldn't keep his eyes off the John Deere combine...the line for that was incredibly long!!

The police command center truck

Sophia found Ms. Kanas....she was enthralled with her princess tiara.... So.. we took a picture with her and she autographed a picture for sophia and wrote... "To the beautiful princess Sophia."  S already has Ms. Kansas' autographed picture propped on her desk in her room!!!

In the ambulance
In the ambulance...and all buckled up!

Making her handprint on the car...this may be the only time she will ever be able to WRITE on a car!!!

And last but not least....

So.... Sophia's orientation is tomorrow.... and first day of FIRST grade is Wednesday!!!!  We have an exciting week ahead!!!!!


Eryn said...

Seriously that was all for a birthday party?!?! AMAZING! I would have been entertained all day! Looks like you all had so much fun! Can't believe Sophia is in first grade already!

koki said...

Love the pic of S mothering J, those two just love each other so much - it's so sweet. And J looks enamored by the trucks, quel surprise! :) Happy first week of school . . . i remember first grade, hopefully she will be well behaved and not talk in class like I did! :) J is going to miss S during the day. He will have to have his Mama take him visit Thea! And Thea probably needs to purchase some more cars and trucks for her toybox. xoxo

koki said...

p.s. that must be a former Miss Kansas . . . she looks rather old to me??