Saturday, August 28, 2010


Sophia's first soccer game of the season was this afternoon.  This year... the team decided to get some wild pink socks and have their names put on their jerseys in pink, of course.

She wanted me to get a picture of her name....Do you like how little J copies every move she makes...he wanted a picture of his back too!!

This year, it seems things are a bit different from Kindergarten soccer... The girls are learning about positions....about playing defense, and going for the ball.  Sophia's coach named her goalie today.  This is something we have not she was a little apprehensive.  She didn't understand that she was only supposed to stay by the goal when the other team was getting close.  She would often forget to play offense and run towards the other goal....b/c she would just stand in front of the goal to "protect" it.  Let's just say Coach had to give her a few reminders that she couldn't stand in the goal the whole time.  

It was hot...and she woke up this morning with a stuffy nose which quickly turned into a full blown cold...Oh my....only 3 days of school...and we are already getting the viruses.  She told me that someone had already been absent in her class on Friday!  Welcome to the school year!!!   So....I don't think she was feeling her greatest for her game today!  I felt bad for her at one point b/c she was trying so hard to keep the ball out of the goal...that one time she tried to kick it away (from an angle) and it actually headed back in (the wrong goal of course)!!!  Poor Sophia....  And I was REALLY upset when I heard one of her teammates on the side-lines get upset about it.... This is FIRST grade soccer people....not the World Cup!!! 

Love this picture....Her coach is always giving "bumps" and "high fives" and full of praise even when mistakes are made!!! Just the way it ought to be!!!

I felt like I was back in grade school playing CYO basketball as I was watching her.  I could see the nervousness in her eyes as the ball would get close to her goal and the apprehension about kicking it.  Reminded me of myself when I would pray that no one would foul me so I wouldn't have to shoot from the free throw line!!! 

She did get a bit more comfortable by the end of the game... I think it just takes her a bit to warm up....b/c she had some good blocks and kicks late in the game! Yay!!! I'm so proud of her!!! 

J was pretty pooped and a bit grumpy as the game was during his normal nap time!!! He kept himself occupied by stepping on Sophia's water bottle and watching the water squirt out...and by playing with my hair which is in desperate need of a CUT!

Oh and as for those pink socks...they were awfully thick....might be better for those chilly Fall games!!! 

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mom2four said...

Cute! She looks adorable! Emmie's team played St. Michaels yesterday and they had a 1st grade sibling who was already in uniform for her game. She was in those socks and playing with Mia the whole time. :)