Monday, August 30, 2010

Four Days of School...

and the sniffles have already landed in our house!  Sophia came down with a little cold over the weekend...and Mr. J inherited it FULL-BLOWN today.  Not actually sure if it is a cold or just allergies...but my little man was MISERABLE by this afternoon!  Itchy, red eyes...stuffy nose...and lots of ahh-chooing!!!  After lunch... he kept telling me " I have go to doctor," and when I asked why... he replied, " Because the sick not go away!!"  Poor little guy!  Well, the allergy doc and ENT specialist have already been called....  I am going to stay on top of this.....we don't want a repeat of last year....I'm thinking we might be headed towards removing those pesky adenoids.  Hate to do it...but if it gives him some will be worth it!

Despite not feeling well... I somehow convinced this little guy to model his new Handy Manny BIG boy pants....and maybe the motrin is to blame....but he COMPLIED!!  He is still not too keen on sitting on that big boy potty yet.  We've not had much success with that....the only thing that interests him seems to be the flusher!!!

He was all decked out in his "just like Daddy" hard hat, his Handy Manny pants, and a mop in hand!  I just love these pics I snapped of him doing some "housework" for me!!!

Do you like how his Daddy tucked his shirt into his pants!!! Pretty funny!

Miss Sophia had her first spelling pre-test today.....she did great, only missing one!  I thought the words were kind of challenging for her first test!! We have to practice her words each night....and she was pretty excited to take a practice spelling test with me after school.  I hope her excitement doesn't wear off too soon!  Still can't believe my baby is in FIRST grade!


mom2four said...

Well, atleast Joseph didn't let his allergies bother him this morning at gym class. :)

koki said...

hahahahaha. LOVE the handy manny panties!!! ;) and, make sure you tell Sophia that spelling was Thea's best subject in school! ;)xxooo