Saturday, September 11, 2010


We were eating dinner the other night and I couldn't help but notice how much my two boys are (oddly enough) starting to look like clones of each other!!! I guess it helped that they both were wearing navy shirts and khaki's together....but beyond the clothes... I really do see quite a resemblance...

Of course after we took some pictures of "the boys," it was only fair to take a picture of the other half...

And then....well it was just a free for all...and Missy wanted to snap everything in sight!  She got a pretty good picture of us... I was impressed....and she didn't even cut off Brett's head!!!!

When I looked back at the other silly pictures she took....many very up close of herself....I had to laugh....reminded me of the Junie B we had been reading.....where she goes to Hawaii with her family and tries to keep a photo journal of her trip for show and tell.  Click-click.  The majority of her pictures she thought were a flop....hmmm just how I feel sometimes!!!

Other tidbits from our week

-Another "first" dance class...yes... we switched dance studios.....feeling a little nervous about the rigidity of the dress and shoe code here and the evening class time....but Sophia appears to like it....and I am already getting excited for the end of year recital!!!  Here she is before class...

And many people I have made cookies for tell me they wish they had time to make cookies for their own makes me feel a bit guilty...b/c I even find myself feeling that way.... Our kitchen counter almost always has someone else's order of ready-to-be-frosted cookies on it....and Mr. J is always asking...."Are those cookies for me????" Sometimes I wish I had more time to do the cute cookies for my own kids too!!!  I did make some easy peasy mini chocolate chip cookies for us, though....perfect size for those little tiny hands........ and also perfect to toss in the lunch box!!!

Mmmm I think next time, I will halve the recipe though....  It took so long to roll all those tiny cookies into little rounds...and most of you know who know my hubby, know that he will only consume cookies on the day they are baked.....He's kinda become a cookie snob...don't you think??? :)

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