Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It all started at about 2:30A.M. this morning when I heard the dreaded "MOMMEE!"  Every time I hear that call... in the middle of the night... I panic... immediately thinking someone is sick!  So I quickly jumped out of bed ran up to Sophia's room...and somewhat breathed a sigh of relief to find out she had just had a bad dream (A boy had squirted soap on someone else which in turn caused his head to turn into a pumpkin head.......pretty frightful...don't you think????)  I hope our threats of putting soap in our kids' mouths isn't to blame for this dream.  But seriously... I really felt sorry for her...b/c she was really very bothered by this dream.  I rubbed her back for a few minutes and calmed her down and headed back down to bed for another 30 minutes before I heard the "MOMMEE!" again.....  Same story..same bad dream.  This happened one more time...before Sophia finally went back to sleep for what was left of the night.  Poor girl.

Next on our agenda today....

Can you guess who this is??? Yes..."H" is for Humpty Dumpty!  Little J and I are attempting to learn some letters of the alphabet....and H is our letter this week! He is not too keen on arts and crafts as they require him to sit in one spot too long for his liking, but he really liked helping me glue the pieces together with his glue stick.

Then it was off to the cider mill in Louisburg.  I've been wanting to get our batch of fall apples for some apple pie baking for a few weeks now...and today seemed like the perfect day!  I told Joseph to be on the lookout for some cows along the way (we usually see them from the highway).  We saw many barns but today we didn't spot one cow till we were about 2 minutes from Louisburg.  So the entire trip...this is what I heard " Where are the cows?"  "Why are they no cows?" "We have to keep looking."  And occasionally I got this..."What kind of truck is that?"  "What is that truck carrying?" "Why?"

Oh my...it was a long drive....coupled with the fact that I felt extremely nauseous (from some medicine I had taken the day before...and of course I had to go to the bathroom the entire way!!!)  We finally made it to the cider mill....watched the apple machines make cider, and watched through the glass window as the donuts were being made.  I thought the cider donuts would be the highlight of the trip for J....so we bought half a dozen.....(some to take home, of course) and sat down to snack....But after one bite....he was DONE.  "I not like donuts, " he said :)

So...back in the car it was to discuss where the cows were and what the trucks were carrying.  Oh my...this little boy is tooooo much!  After a quick run into the grocery store (and many questions about the school buses and fire trucks parked in the parking lot)...we headed home.  I told J he could play on the patio while I put the groceries away....and I let Willie out back with him....he's a good protector, right?  WRONG....within seconds.....both are standing at the back door covered in mud!!!!  Still not quite sure what happened....but needless to say....the clothes went straight to the washer and the dog went straight to the tub.  He was in need of a bath anyway... I guess.  And Joseph stood next to me...for the entire duration of the bath and the hair drying....He LOVES his Willie!!!

After nap we walked to school to pick up Sophia and made it just in time for about 10 minutes of playtime at the school playground before Sophia came out.  We walked home whereby I tried to coax Sophia into trying a new dance class this afternoon....(we had a bit of a bad experience at our new dance studio last week...and when it happened.... I wanted to just yank her right out of that place....but after a week's cool down... I decided I needed to let her know that she shouldn't just "give up" even though I really didn't blame her.  After many tears on our walk home while I tried to convince her that it wouldn't be so bad to just observe....she finally agreed.  We piled in the car....dressed and ready and I promised her I would sit in the room and observe with her.  We did (even J!!!) and when the teacher asked if Sophia wanted to join in...she just cried and said no.  I felt so bad for her.... and wished I wouldn't have pushed her to go.  When we left she said she may go back next week and give it a shot....but I'm guessing she's not too thrilled about it...and I am NOT going to push her.  I am not too thrilled about it either.....I don't get a good feel....it feels too hard....to "grown-up," and not enough fun!!! I'm proud of her for not giving up and agreeing to go with me...and proud of J for sitting so patiently while we sat on the cold floor observing!!!

By the time we came home and practiced our spelling words and jumped rope till we couldn't anymore....I think she had forgotten all about her dance experience.  Then it was back to the worry about her bad dream...."Can I sleep with you tonight, Mommee?"  Oh my...not sure how we convinced her that sleeping in her own room was a better idea....but so far so good..not a peep yet.  Keeping those fingers crossed.

It was kind of a long day...So...yep... I think I might just deserve a cookie and milk right about now...maybe just one...b/c the rest are already packed and ready to be shipped to another lucky someone!!

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