Sunday, September 19, 2010


Our little J said farewell to his Binks on Saturday!  We are so proud of this little guy!!!

After his "binky-free" nap on Saturday...we asked him where he wanted to go to pick out his new toy... he chose Walgreen's... he had remembered seeing a fire truck there the day before.  I was a bit surprised he didn't want to go for the LARGE cement mixer truck at the toy store...but I didn't discourage him....the cement truck was WAAAY expensive compared to his $9.99 fire truck at the Green!

Here are the pictures of him in the car before....

Inside the store...he ran right to the fire truck.....he was so excited.

He even handed his Binks to the store clerk (Don't worry... I had filled the store clerk in on the trade that was going to take place...while J was looking at the toys) without turning back!! What a trooper!!!

And Big Sister didn't miss out on the fun either...she got something small too...for moral support, of course.  She chose a Polly Pocket set equipped with Polly and her friends Lila and Lee.  They all have interchangeable umbrellas, raincoats and rain boots!  She is in Polly Pocket heaven.

Here is the BIG boy eyeing his new toy in the car.  I think I will be hearing "5 Alarm Fire in City Square" in my dreams tonight...and probably the sound of the siren as well.  Oh it ever loud!

And just a few pictures from earlier in the weekend...Sophia and Joseph preparing their grass people....soaking them and putting them into their "greenhouses."  Notice....Joseph's area became a bit more messy than Sophia's.  We are excited for their hair to start growing!


Jenn said...

Way to go are a BIG BOY now! So proud of you!!!! Sam would LOVE that truck too!!

koki said...

yay Joseph! xoxo thea