Friday, September 17, 2010

To "Binks" or not to "Binks"

Mr. Binks has pretty much been popular at our house since Sophia was born.  She only had her "Binks" at nap and bed time, but when she had her first dentist appointment at age 3....we knew that Binks would soon have to go.  It was hard for her...and hard for us... but ultimately we promised her that if she wrapped up her binky nicely and took it to the toy store to give to another deserving baby....then she would, in return, get to choose a new toy to bring home.  She of course was excited about getting a new toy...and she quickly found a pink doll she named Caroline.  Trying to sleep sans Binks after that was a bit of a struggle....but with the help of Caroline... she did it!

Joseph, like his big sister, quickly became a fan of Binks too.  And though I really don't like to believe it....our baby boy will be turning THREE in less than 4 months.  Soooo... we decided it was about time to start saying our farewells to his Binks.  We offered Joseph the same motivation we gave Sophia..  He was excited at first and immediately told me he wanted the mixer truck he had seen at the toy store...  So... we talked about it for a few days and before bed each night he would say he wanted the truck and then start screaming for his Binks.  I would remind him of the mixer truck and then he would say... "I not want mixer truck anymore!"  When the crying got too out of control, we gave in, worried that his crying would keep big sister from falling alseep.  But we didn't give up.  We kept trying. And one night this week... I was able to leave his room with Mr. Binks still in my hands.  I closed his door and listened for screams.... but heard none.  We finished reading with Sophia....and listened for screams...but heard not a peep.  I even opened his door and said one last "good-nite" and got only a happy "nite-nite mommeee" in return.  I thought for sure when we came downstairs the crying would begin.  Wrong....we heard him talk for a while...but then nothing... He slept ALL night without Binks and not a single cry....until right when he woke up....THEN he wanted Binks.  I wouldn't hear of it... I was not about to give in after he had done such a good job all nite.  He cried all through breakfast...which is funny b/c he never has his Binks after he wakes up anyway.  Sophia told me she felt sorry for him...and I, of course, did too.  That was Wednesday morning.  And though we have had some tears (but not many!!) he has slept both at night time and nap time without Binks.  Tomorrow is the big day... we are "planning" to make our trip to the toy store and say our final farewells to J's beloved Binks.  

I am so proud of him...he still seems like such a baby to me and I really feel bad taking this away from him...but I know the longer he keeps it the harder it will be to give it up...Trust me... I know....I sucked my thumb well beyond kindergarten...and yes... I paid my dues with retainers, braces, and the stylish and ever so popular head gear.   So tomorrow I will cross my fingers and pretend like saying good bye is no big deal....even though it will secretly be breaking my heart...b/c I know this is just another stage that will have come and gone.  It all happens way too fast.  He loved Binks from the very start!!!  Remember this little guy???

Now he is such a big boy!  He has been so excited about his mixer truck....but then just tonite he said...."I think I'll choose the fire truck at Walgreens. "  What a stinker... I guess it will be a surprise to all of us!!!

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mom2four said...

Oh my gosh...his baby picture brought tears to my eyes! So sweet...I remember holding him and being so happy for you! :)