Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Packing a Picnic

We had a birthday party last weekend at a park so close to our house that I didn't even know existed.....It has a picnic area, a playground and a little lake with DUCKS!!!  We spent most of the party playing at the playground....and to Joseph's dismay didn't spend much time watching the ducks.  He talked about those ducks for the remainder of the weekend....so on Monday....I couldn't resist...the weather was too perfect...so after gymnastics we packed a lunch and grabbed some bread, and headed for a lunch date with those ducks (and geese)!  Joseph had the time of his life.  He fed the ducks all of the bread we brought,....ran after them and stared as they swam in the lake.  Of course eating out of his Cars lunch box was a special treat too!!!

I still have such a hard time taking pictures with my camera in full sunlight.....but I did my best.  Guess it was good practice...and the pictures pretty much tell the story...so mission accomplished!!!


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koki said...

wish i could have joined you . . . these pics look perfect to me. and joseph is in duck heaven! :) xxoo thea